Our History

Since it was organized by J. D. Stewart and other investors in 1905 as the St. John State Bank, this financial institution has been an integral part of community progress. Its progress has paralleled that of the community because it has contributed to that progress and, in turn, has grown with its community.

In June 1905, the St. John State Bank became the St. John National Bank. Stockholders, Directors and Capital remained unchanged: R. B. Temple, H. P. Temple, George Sill, F. B. Gillmore, & J. D. Stewart. Capital in 1905 was:

Capital . . . . . . . . $ 25,000.00 
Deposits . . . . . .  . $ 12,973.46 
Resources . . . . . . . $ 37,973.46 
(Founded to be of service in every way possible.) 

Through the years, officers and directors have included the names of such community leaders as J. D. Stewart, F. B. Gillmore, R. H. Rixon, Howard Gray, William Dixon, C. A. Brown, P. O. Gray, C. E. Durham, Robert Garvin, Anna R. Brown, Rosa Stewart, Frank Harris, Herman Hullman, Frank Lickiss Jr., Meryle R. Heyen, Melvin Minor, John T. Kachelman and Howard Ward.

In June of 2014, the St. John National Bank changed its charter from a National Bank to a State Bank now known as SJN Bank of Kansas.

In the quest to carry on the founders' vision, SJN has continued to grow and deepen its footprint as a strong, community bank.  From 2009 to 2019, SJN has added branches in Macksville, Hudson, Greensburg, LaCrosse, and Burdett.  SJN Bank of Kansas is committed to all of the communities it serves and will for generations to come.